Teeball Managers

Managers are an essential part of our club and form part of our core group of volunteers who help make games happen. As such, we provide free training and support to these people who kindly give up their free time to enable our players to have fun.

Our 2022-2023 Managers Handbook is now available for download!

It contains information on:

  • Season details
  • Starting the season
  • Game day procedures
  • Carnivals and State Championships
  • Carine-specific regulations
  • Finishing the season
  • The Carine Cats Way (our codes of conduct)

If you missed our Managers Meeting at the start of the season, you can view an overview of what was covered in this video.

The role of manager is a rewarding one, as it gives you an opportunity to be a part of the game-day experience as well as being an important link between the families within your team.

The key roles of a manager are to:

  • help the Coach during games by ensuring players know their batting order, playing positions and organising the "bat boy/girl";
  • organise a weekly jobs roster for parents - such as scorer, equipment collection and the like;
  • distribute information, newsletters and other items to the team, and return appropriate forms and information to the club;
  • keep the game count record up to date and collect/distribute game count badges as required;
  • encourage good sportsmanship and parent involvement;
  • any other team-related general requirements for the Carine Cats Ball Club.

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