For all enquires regarding umpiring, please contact the Teeball Umpires Coordinator at


Courses are organised and run by TBAWA and you should check their website for the next available classes which can be booked through our Teeball Umpiring Coordinator.


Although the club would prefer that parents get involved in the running of your team, sometimes this just isn’t possible. Accreditied umpires are not always available week by week or parents haven’t yet been able to complete the TBAWA Umpiring Courses.

We do have junior umpires who are available (for a small fee) to umpire your games.

Our junior umpires have all played tee-ball for years, all played in Carine Cats State Representative Teams and are Level 1 ACCREDITED UMPIRES.

If your team requires an umpire, they can be booked via a message to:

As agreed by teeball club committee, they are to be paid on completion of the game at a rate of $25.


TBAWA Official Rules 5(b)

Teeball Umpiring Booklet