Teeball Parents

Parent Participation

The Tee-Ball philosophy is framed by the Four Fs (Fun, Fair Play, Fundamental Skills and Family Involvement). The family involvement aspect is crucial to any successful club team. Game-day roles such as scoring, base umpiring or collecting team equipment from the Property Shed are essential, as are the offers to stick around at weekday training and offer your assistance in any way.

Our club is run completely by volunteers and therefore parental assistance is always important.

Allocation Day

On Allocation day you will have an opportunity to meet your team. It is at this session that you will be required to nominate a coach, manager and umpires. Although they may sound daunting, all roles come with plenty of support from the club, and the knowledge that you are surrounded by a team that ready to help. Take the time to explore what each of the roles are, and come willing to sign up for one of these crucial roles! Other roles are allocated throughout the season, such as scoring, base coaching or equipment management.

Coaching and umpiring courses are provided free of charge by the club and we encourage all coaches and umpires to take advantage of this resource.

A quick overview of the roles that need to be decided for Allocation Day:

  • The Coach: The Coach’s aim should be to develop their players’ skills and game knowledge in a way that promotes a positive and life-long love of diamond sports. They do not require any formal accreditation, however the club can assist with gaining this if desired. Requests for advice or assistance from our Coaching Coordinator is always welcomed. The Coach is responsible for coordinating training sessions and games. They are the person responsible for delegating any coaching responsibilities to other members of the coaching team, (such as base coaches), and communicating clearly with them needs and expectations. The Coach and the Manager should work closely together to ensure they have a clear understanding of the roles each has within the team.
  • The Manager: The Team Manager is responsible for being the communication link between all members of the team, and also between the team and the Teeball Committee representative. Ensuring parents and players are aware of training schedules, upcoming events and the rostering of volunteer roles that parents will need to fill at these is essential. Being an active listener to parent queries, being able to source answers from the club or other Managers, and communicate clearly and in a timely manner are the qualities that make the operation of a club team smooth and enjoyable. Scoresheets and game counts are submitted to the Registrar each week as part of this role. On game day, the Manager is responsible for a specific role, such as ensuring the players demonstrate sportsmanship, set high expectations for themselves on the bench, understand their batting order and know the positions they will be playing in their next fielding innings. These game day responsibilities should be discussed with the Coach to ensure that everyone knows their role and can support one another.
  • The Umpires: Umpires often have the best spectator's seat in the house, as they are constantly part of the action! Although it may seem daunting, umpiring is a rewarding experience. If you have not umpired before, offer to dip your toes in as a base umpire. If you have base umpired before, consider having a go at plate umpiring. Our experienced Umpires Coordinator is always happy to offer advice and work with parents who are keen to learn the basics of umpiring, and there are also umpiring accreditation courses that you can complete with assistance from the club.

The Carine Cats Way

We are proud of our club, our players, our members and the way we conduct ourselves on and off the diamond. Parental involvement extends to being available to assist with training sessions, and being active, positive supporters on the sidelines for both teams in a game. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, welcoming club who respects the rights and wellbeing of all members, supporters, volunteers and players. We encourage all of our members to read, abide and promote the expected behaviours of Carine Cats through our Code of Conduct.

Teeball Committee

As always we need more helpers on the Committee and we encourage you to give us a call and offer your services. Assistance from parents (or grandparents) is what will ensure an enjoyable competition for our children. More information about the committee can be found at our Teeball Committee page.