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The Tee-Ball Committee is made up of parent volunteers and always welcomes new members.

Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month, 7:30pm at the Clubrooms, Beach Road, Carine. All are welcome.


Position Name Email ( Enquiries for:
Chairperson Anisia Leonard teeballchairperson Tee-Ball management and general club business
Vice Chairperson Vacant teeballvicechairperson
Secretary Bernard Style teeballsecretary General inquiries
Treasurer Janet Dvaney teeballtreasurer Invoices and Payments
Registrar Desiree Von Bergheim teeballregistrar Registration matters
Coaches Coordinator Craig Butler teeballcoaching Coaching assistance and rules
Assistant Coaches Coordinator Vacant teeballcoachingassistant Coaching assistance and rules
Umpire Coordinator Craig Padfield teeballumpiring Umpiring Enquiries
States Coordinator Trevor Hinchliffe teeballstates Intra-club comps and State comps
Property Coordinator Ray Buckholz teeballproperty Equipment condition and repair
Assistant Property Coordinator Vacant Equipment condition and repair
Uniforms Coordinator  Natalie Poustie teeballuniforms Uniform distribution and condition
Media Coordinator Georgia Beer teeballmedia Media (Facebook/Instagram) content and updates
Sponsorship Coordinator Tom Parker teeballsponsorship New and existing sponsorship
Trophies/Photos/Merchandise Natalie Poustie teeballmerch Trophies, Photos and general merchandise
TBAWA Representative Vacant tbawarepresentative TBAWA Representative
General Committee Members Alan Corkill
Bryn Harvey