What is Tee-Ball

Teeball is a team sport that is widely considered as the gateway to baseball and softball.

It's designed for young kids to develop basic ball-game skills, boost confidence, and promote team spirit.

In Perth Tee-Ball is governed by the Teeball Association of WA


TeeBall Basics

The Basics of Teeball

Teeball shares many rules with baseball, but with a twist that makes it more accessible for younger kids.

The ball is placed on a tee, rather than pitched, which allows players to focus on hitting and fielding without the pressure of hitting a moving ball.

This makes it an excellent sport for developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills.


The Benefits of Playing Teeball

Teeball is about more than just learning the rules of a new game.

It's a fun way to promote physical fitness, agility, and strategic thinking.

Moreover, being part of a teeball team helps children develop social skills, learn about fair play, and boost their self-confidence.

Benefits of TeeBall
How to get involved with teeball

Getting Involved in Teeball

Getting your child involved in teeball is an excellent way to introduce them to a team sport, instill a love for physical activity, and help them make new friends.

Look for local teeball clubs, like the Carine Cats Ball Club, that place an emphasis on

  • fun
  • family involvement, and
  • fundamental skill development.
  • fair play

Try Tee-Ball Today !

With its emphasis on fun and learning, teeball is a wonderful sport for children to explore.

Whether they're new to team sports or looking to try something different, teeball offers a fantastic, engaging way for kids to stay active and enjoy their time on the fiel

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What age group is teeball for?

Teeball is typically designed for children aged 4 to 12. However, the exact age range can vary depending on local leagues and clubs.