Transition to Baseball and Softball

Which sport ?

Below you will see a summary of the options provided by Carine Cats.

Our Pathways documents are designed to give families a rough guide when to begin transitioning from Teeball into another diamond sport. Three separate pathways are provided - potential elite level players, capable and competitive players, and players who just wish to keep active and social in the sport. Families with any questions are welcome to reach out to any Teeball Committee member, who can ensure the best advice is provided for that particular child.

We are proudly one club at Carine Cats, catering for tee-ball, baseball and softball at all levels. Our three divisions work together to develop the skills and knowledge to play the game, with the aim of fostering a lifelong love for diamond sports. Our club offers our players plenty of ways to develop their skills at a higher level and assist them in making the transition through to our baseball and softball divisions.

We have a strong history of producing players who have represented at both state and international level in baseball or softball, yet remain a strong community-based club with opportunities at not just an elite level, but also for those who want to remain in competitive competition and those who wish to remain healthy and active and keep things completely social.

We encourage our Teeball players to dip their toes into our other diamond sports through our junior baseball and softball programs, including providing an introduction to hitting a moving ball through our Machine Pitch teams.

At what level ?

You will see the "suggested" pathway depending on the level at which you want to compete.