Transition to Baseball and Softball

What is Machine Pitch?

(Or as it is formally known “MINOR LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL”)
Machine Pitch is a fabulous crossover between tee ball and baseball. It is for girls and boys aged 7-10 years and gets them used to hitting a moving ball.
The ball is ”pitched” or flicked from a simple lever machine, operated by an adult. The first half of the season sees no penalties for 3 strikes. The coach will kneel next to the batter and “soft toss” a slow ball until it is hit, allowing the game to proceed for both batters and fielders.

Have a look at this quick training clip to see the “machine” flicking balls for a batter.

By the end of the season the kids will be hitting like a pro!
This second clip was actually from the Grand Final at the State Championships and Carine Cats won!

Be a winner and come give Machine Pitch a try!
Registrations are through the Baseball 'Register' page.

For additional information, please contact Brendan or Anisia at

Check out the information below to see when is the right time to move on from Tee-Ball and what is involved.

Machine Pitch
Little League Baseball / Little League Softball
Playing ages at Carine Cats Ball Club

5–13 year old boys
(6/7, 8/9, 10-13 boys)

5–13 year old girls
(6/7, 8/9, 10-13 girls)

7–10 years

We recommend tee-ball players register to play Machine Pitch in addition to registering for tee-ball if interested in playing baseball or softball. May be able to play in Little League if interested.

9-12 years
Brief description/skills

Tee-ball is a transition diamond sport to baseball and softball. Tee-ball teaches the children the mechanics of throwing, fielding and batting. Hitting a stationary ball. Pitcher and catcher are ‘name’ positions only.

Machine Pitch is very similar to tee-ball in rules and uses all the same skills of fielding, throwing, base running. Introduces a ‘pitched’ ball, consistently ‘flung’ by a pitching machine. Introduces position of catcher. All fielding/batting skills, including full position of pitcher and catcher.

6/7 & 8/9 – One hour weekly games on Saturday at Carine from 8:30am, arrive 30mins before game for warm up.

10-13* – One hour weekly games on Saturday at Carine or other club home ground, arrive 30mins before game for warm up.

Total 14-15 games/season.

One hour weekly games on Fridays.

Times: TBA

Total 16-18 games/season starting the second week of tee-ball season.

1.5 hour weekly games on Saturday from 10.30am

Additional night games to be determined.

Arrive 1hr before game start time.


Training One session/week (depending on coach availability). Parents are expected to stay at training for all children aged U12, unless otherwise arranged with coach/manager. Min 4 parents at 10-12 years olds. Optional training on Wednesdays @ 5 - 6:30pm

1-2 sessions/week depending on Wed night games.

‘Round robin’ training with club imports and team coaches to support development.

Elite opportunities – by tryout States

  • extra 2-3 ‘carnivals’
  • 13-20 extra games/season
  • 1-2 additional weekly training sessions
  • must be available for Teeball State Championships March long weekend.
Little League State championships - Easter Long weekend.

Development Shield: 8-11 years only. LL State championships, Easter long weekend LL – 11-12 year olds, State championships, potentially National championships (late May/early June) in QLD – winners progress to LL World series in USA in mid August.

All Stars: club based competition, best of Carine LL play against best of other clubs in a Saturday night series of 6-8 games, finishing prior to Christmas.

Extra camps/training available

October school holidays

Tee-ball camp run by BWA and TBAWA at Carine

January school holidays

Tee-ball camp run by BWA and TBAWA at Carine

Lightning Carnival

Available to all Sat morning teams, excellent opportunity for additional games, team bonding. Held on first Sunday in December.

October school holidays

Baseball camp run by BWA and TBAWA at Carine

January school holidays

Baseball camp run by BWA and TBAWA at Carine

October school holidays

Baseball camp run by BWA and TBAWA at Carine

January school holidays

Baseball camp run by BWA and TBAWA at Carine

Elite - Charter Academy

By invitation usually for charter/ development shield team members - usually at Dale Softball Complex

Structure of competition

6/7 & 8/9: Play at Carine only within the club. Ungraded competition.

10 to 13: Boys/mixed play against Wanneroo Joondalup.

Senior girls option to play mixed or girls only comp @ Carine.

Charter based.

All baseball clubs are divided into ‘charters’ of 3-4 clubs who play against each other during the normal season. We are part of the North Metro charter along with the North Coast Ball Club (Gumblossum Reserve) Quinns Rock, and Wanneroo Giants Baseball Club who play at Kingsway Reserve. Ungraded competition.

Parent assistance required Parental assistance is always important – coaches, umpires, scorers, managers and a base coach are required for each team. Coaching and umpiring courses are available, funded by the club. We encourage all coaches and umpires to make use of this resource.

Teeball: $120

States: $tba

$140 for season plus pre purchase of $20 of raffle tickets, which player and their family can elect to sell. Playing jersey is provided.
State championships incur additional costs and are to be decided upon nomination.
$235. Will need to purchase white playing pants, athletic box. Playing jersey provided. Development shield/Charter additional fees/costs.
Sponsorship opportunities Sponsorship opportunities are available - click here for more information. Sponsorship opportunities available – please email for more information.