Natasha Bakranich All Girls Carnival

Three all girls teams from Carine Cats recently competed in the inaugural Natasha Bakranich All Girls Tee-Ball Carnival, organised and hosted by the Huntingdale Tee-Ball Club. Providing opportunities for our girls to showcase their skills and receive targeted coaching and game opportunities is a priority for our club, and we were proud to be able to both support Huntingdale with their carnival and support a large number of our girls in competing on the day.

For many of the girls who competed, it was their first experience of a full day tee-ball carnival, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The growth of the girls across the course of the day was outstanding, with many commenting how much they had learned by playing together and commenting that they would look forward to trialling for future State Championship teams.

There was no selection process for the carnival, with invitations sent for any girl who wished to participate. We had a broad range of girls from a wide range of Saturday club teams, and equally as pleasing was seeing the girls connect again the following Saturday as they returned to playing against each other for positive, friendly, sporting club games.

Carine looks forward to making this an annual trek to Huntingdale!