NOW HIRING: Canteen Manager

Carine Cats Tee-Ball is looking for a friendly and energetic manager to lead our canteen on Saturday mornings during our Tee-Ball season! The successful applicant will be responsible for ordering stock, managing the canteen area and directing a team of parent volunteers each Saturday morning from 7:30am to 12:30pm during our season (October to December / February to March, as listed according to our fixtures), and our all-day Pre-State Tee-Ball Carnival in February.

For any questions, or to register your interest, please contact:

Trevor Hinchliffe
Vice Chairperson
Carine Cats Ball Club (Tee-Ball Division)

Phone: 0408 193 378
Email: [email protected]

Job Description

Ability to run the canteen efficiently and profitably within the guidelines of the Carine Cats Ball Club during the tee-ball season. You will ensure that safe and appropriate practices are followed in relation to hygiene, health laws and regulations, while running a happy and supportive canteen.

Appointment approval will be made by executive Tee-Ball Sub-Committee Members, with the honorarium payment to be negotiated with the committee. A current Working With Children Card is also required.

The Canteen Manager is required to be in attendance for all game days to manage the Canteen operations, and assist, direct and support Canteen volunteers.

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Supervise volunteers in a warm and professional manner.
  • Ability to run a canteen and work with a large range of volunteers and demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in a team situation.
  • Have a working knowledge and appropriate accreditation in line with safe food handling.


  • Ensure the canteen operates in a safe and hygienic environment and meets health department requirements.
  • Ensure all canteen volunteers abide the food handling requirements and laws.
  • Ensure that adequate equipment is available for providing the canteen services.
  • Establish a menu of goods for sale that provides variety that will attract all members and visitors to purchase from the canteen.
  • Ensure goods are purchased at the best (but not necessarily the cheapest) rates possible.
  • Arrange orders, receipts, storage and display of stock.
  • Account for all purchases and receipts.
  • Ensure the canteen is open for business from half an hour before the commencement of the first game.
  • Report to the Canteen Sub-Committee any changes or suggestions that can promote an/or improve the services or sales of the canteen.

Length of Appointment

This will be a one (1) year appointment.